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Infection Control & Prevention

Innovative disinfection technologies

Safe for patients, Safe for personnel
Safe for the planet

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Radica Solutions

Innovate to Eradicate

No water, no chemicals, portable
disinfection system

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Radica Process

Radically Different Disinfection

Revolutionary solution for infection control

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Radica Disinfection System
Arann Healthcare what we do

What we do

At Arann Technologies, we design and develop innovative patented Environmental Cleaning and Disinfection Technology systems. Our systems are designed to tackle harmful bacteria and mould contamination on hard-to-clean, complex geometric structures found in Healthcare and Food Production facilities.

As infection control and the reduction of harmful pathogens is at the very top of the agenda for healthcare providers and medical facilities worldwide, our aim is to introduce ground-breaking technology that protects and benefits the environment, healthcare facilities and most importantly, patients.

By providing non invasive tailored services to food production facilities we can meet their demands of reducing production downtimes. Protecting the suppliers reputation and enabling compliance with FSAI Standards is our goal.

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Healthcare Associated Infections (HCAIs) are among the biggest threats to patients in healthcare facilities. Contracted as a result of contact with infected areas, they are difficult to control and present one of the greatest challenges in modern healthcare.

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