RADICA™ decontamination system for use in the food and beverage industries.

Food production

The food industry is continuously improving its quality management year on year. Advances in technology in the areas of storage materials, food preservation and manufacturing processes have contributed extensively to the enhanced shelf and storage life of every day products. This has dramatically reduced food waste and facilitated the expansion into more distant markets which are traditionally out of reach for perishable food products. The RADICA™ system enhances manufacturing effectiveness in the following areas:

Implementation (Air purification)

Depending on the type of application, the RADICA™ system can be integrated at multiple points in the manufacturing line. The primary goal of the system, in a production environment, is to eradicate sources of contamination whether they are on surfaces or are airborne. The most vulnerable points in the system occur in sections where the foodstuffs are exposed to the air.

Filtering Bacteria

RADICA™ simultaneously filters the air and exposes the air to high concentrations of plasma radicals as the air passes though the system. This ensures that the processing environment is immersed in high quality, particle free and sterile air.


Implementation (Surface and room decontamination)

The versatility of the RADICA™ system allows it to be used for decontamination of entire rooms, storage silos and other enclosed spaces which need a higher standard surface hygiene. The target enclosure is sealed and then the space is filled with gas containing high concentrations of plasma radicals. Over time the concentration of the gases will increase in the room killing organisms in even the most hard to reach areas as the gas will naturally permeate onto all exposed surfaces.

After the concentration of the gas has peaked it must be vented to allow personnel into the room again. The gas can be extracted using the existing room ventilation system which has the added effect of decontaminating the ducting during exaction. If the enclosure is not being used for a period of time then the gas can be left to dissipate naturally back into normal air as the radicals safely break down.