Arann Healthcare take an innovative approach to combating the endemic dilemma of HCAIs in healthcare facilities.

Arann Healthcare is an Irish firm with over 30 years experience in the development of infection control systems and plasma gas discharge technology. We have used this expertise to develop systems for disinfecting hard-to-clean objects, aiding the prevention and control of HCAIs and quality improvement in all types of healthcare facilities. Incorporated following the successful sale of a previous venture to a leading US firm, Arann healthcare has used its core competency of plasma gas discharge to produce the RADICA EC200 Environmental Cleaner and the RADICA Disinfection System, a breakthrough in infection control with applications across a range of healthcare and food production environments. Read more about the RADICA Disinfection system here.
"Bacteria are naturally present on the skin, where they often don't cause any problem. But if they stick onto medical devices that are put into the body they can get access through the skin’s barrier and then they can potentially establish an infection. They will form biofilms, which are communities of bacteria attached to the medical device, and those biofilms are almost indestructible."